Compact VA instruments


The 797 VA Computrace is a modern voltammetry stand for trace analysis of metals and other electrochemically active substances. Thanks to its exceptional specificity and sensitivity, Metrohm VA can reach detection limits as low as the ppt range, even with high salt concentrations present, while being favorably priced. The easy-to-use PC software that accompanies the compact VA instruments controls the measurements, records the measuring data, and evaluates it, ensuring a straightforward measuring process.

شاخصه های کلیدی


Intuitive operation via the software thanks to clearly laid-out user interface


Wide range of preprogrammed methods for all kinds of applications


Powerful potentiostat and a choice of electrodes for highly sensitive trace analysis


Low-threshold access through Exploratory Mode for teaching and method development


Transparent software

The software accompanying the 797 VA Computrace is particularly easy to use thanks to its clearly laid out user interface. Being oriented on Windows operating principles, intuitive handling is guaranteed.


Simple operation thanks to fixed method structures

Fixed method structures in the 797 VA Computrace software make your determinations easy and quick. This comes in handy especially when dealing with routine applications.


The right system for your application requirements

There is a range of predefined systems that vary in their degree of automation: the Metrohm VA (or MVA for short) systems. MVA systems are available for manual operation, for semiautomated operation – aided by Dosinos and additional pumps –, and for fully automated analyses.


A system that adapts to your applications

If your requirements change, you can easily adjust your VA system: upgrades to higher automation levels are possible at any time by simply adding the necessary modules: Dosinos, pumps, and sample changers.


Quality: Always at the top of the list

Metrohm compact VA systems assist the user in numerous ways to ensure highest quality standards for all measurements. For this purpose, several features are included, such as freely definable user access rights in the software, automatic electrode tests before each measurement, and a GLP Wizard.

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