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Voltammetry is characterized by its high sensitivity, its insensitiveness against interferences caused by high concentrations of dissolved solids, and its low costs of purchase and operation. What’s more, it can be used for speciation analysis, e.g., to differentiate between different oxidation states of elements. With more than half a century of experience in voltammetry, we offer you not only powerful measuring systems, but also a wide range of applications and competent support

Professional VA Instruments

Professional VA Instruments

The 884 Professional VA is the most modern and powerful VA system. Flexibility and adaptability are its most outstanding properties. Applications are voltammetric trace analysis as well as determination of organic additives in plating solutions.

  • Flexible method setup using the viva method editor
  • Customizable thanks to modular design and a large variety of available modules
  • All results at one glance in the viva database with convenient data management

Compact VA instruments

Compact VA instruments

The 797 VA Computrace is the cost-efficient solution for analyzing minuscule concentrations of metals or other electrochemically active substances, including anions like cyanide, sulfide, nitrite, and nitrate, but also a range of organic compounds.

  • Adaptable system with different automation levels
  • Straightforward operation thanks to fixed method structures
  • High sensitivity thanks to the combination of the Multi-Mode Electrode pro and a powerful potentiostat


Have a look at the broad choice of electrodes Metrohm offers for virtually any conceivable application.



Analyze aerosols by ion chromatography and voltammetry: PILS transfers aerosols into a liquid sample stream, making them accessible for trace analysis.


Sample preparation

Dealing with organically contaminated samples? Metrohm’s UV digester leaves them ready for voltammetric trace analysis.



Benefit from the combined strengths of voltammetry and ion chromatography with VoltIC for a powerful trace analysis.

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