Titrino plus


Titrino plus نسل اول از خانواده تیتراتورها برای کاربردهای پایه است.

دستگاه‌هایی مقرون به صرفه و قابل اعتماد در آزمایشگاه شما.

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دقت وصحت بالا به لطف اتصالات اندازه گیری با وضوح بالا


کاربری آسان: نصب و راه اندازی و کاربری راحت


گستره وسیعی از کاربردها و روش‌های آماده با قیمتی مناسب


انعطاف پذیری فوق العاده: خروجی داده ها و امکان کوپل کردن با اتوسمپلر جهت اتوماسیون


Engineered for accurate determinations

You can rely on obtaining accurate determination results, as the Titrino plus, like all Metrohm titrators, is equipped with a high-resolution measuring interface.


Engineered for comfortable operation

The Titrino plus has been designed with a focus on the users’ needs. Installation is simple: Exchange Unit and stirrer are recognized and configured automatically. And thanks to the graphic display, making adjustments to parameters and reading the curve is as easy as can be. The user guidance of the Titrino plus has been streamlined for routine applications. You will therefore find your way around this instrument in no time.

Engineered for flexibility

Titrino plus instruments afford you a great deal of flexibility. They are fitted with a USB interface. This allows you to connect auxiliary devices, e.g., printers, a keyboard or a mouse, or a USB stick for method and data backup. If you use a USB hub, you can even connect several devices simultaneously. In addition, you can also automate processes for up to 11 samples using your Titrino plus and a Metrohm 869 Compact Sample Changer or an 862 Compact Titrosampler combined titrator / sample changer.


Engineered for your application

The Titrino plus can be used for a wide range of titration applications, such as:

  • Aqueous and nonaqueous acid-base titrations
  • Complexometric titrations (e.g., with EDTA)
  • Redox titrations (e.g., iodometry, permanganometry, cerimetry)
  • Photometric titrations with the Optrode
  • Precipitation titrations (e.g., with AgNO3)
  • Titrations with polariziable electrodes

Titrino plus instruments are available in packages for the specific application areas Food/Beverage, Salt, and Oil. These packages contain everything you need for analysis: the suitable electrode, buffers and electrolyte solutions, methods, and applications.

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