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تجهیز شده با انواع ویژگی‌های منحصر به فرد برای راحتی کار: صفحه نمایش رنگی، قابلیت ساختن میانبر برای فراخوانی متدها، امکان استفاده از بورت دوم برای تیتراسیون با توجه به پورت اضافی و بسیاری خصوصیات دیگر....

شاخصه های کلیدی


یک تیتراتور مستقل و جامع با همه متعلقات


ارتباط LIMS بدون نیاز به کامپیوتر به لطف پورت شبکه داخلی


کاربری ایمن و دقیق مواد شیمیایی با استفاده از تکنولوژی Dosino


اتوماسیون اختیاری جهت افزایش کارایی و صرفه جویی در زمان و هزینه‌ها


Small in size, big in performance

This compact, full-fledged titrator covers all your routine titrimetric needs and is capable of dynamic equivalence point titration (DET), monotonic equivalence point titration (MET), set endpoint titration (SET), and manual titration (MAT). As the buret, stirrer, and the Touch Control unit are all integrated into the instrument, this titrator takes up very little space. The 916 Ti-Touch has a touch screen display for your convenience. In addition, you have the possibility to create shortcuts to start your favorite method with one button.


No PC? No problem

The 916 Ti-Touch doesn’t need a PC, and you don’t have to worry about data security and network integration. Tamper-proof PDF reports can be created on the instrument and saved on a USB stick or directly transferred to your LIMS or intranet via Ethernet connection.


High level of connectivity: USB interface and MSB ports

If you wish to print data or connect a barcode reader, you can do so using the USB interface of the 916 Ti-Touch. You can also increase your efficiency by connecting a second titration stand and buret to the two Metrohm Serial Bus (MSB) ports, for instance if you would like to perform a sequential titration of acidity and chloride.


High precision, high safety

The 916 Ti-Touch can be operated with Dosinos. You can therefore rely on highly accurate dosing. Furthermore, thanks to this technology, contact with the reagent is eliminated during reagent exchange.


All-inclusive packages for your application

The 916 Ti-Touch is available in three packages for specific application areas:

  • Salt Ti-Touch for the argentometric titration of chloride
  • Oil Ti-Touch for the nonaqueous acid-base titration of oil products
  • Food Ti-Touch for the aqueous acid-base titration in foodstuffs

These packages include everything you need: the titrator, an appropriate intelligent electrode, a dosing device, a rod stirrer, the suitable methods, and a demo version of the tiBase software.

Automation options

Find out how you can increase efficiency and reduce costs in your laboratory with an automation solution from Metrohm.

tiBase software

Administer your titration data centrally, securely, and comfortably – with Metrohm's tiBase software

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