Compact CVS


The 797 VA Computrace family of compact CVS systems is the simple solution for laboratories that deal with moderate sample loads. In addition to determining brighteners, suppressors, and levelers, the 797 VA Computrace is capable of trace analysis by voltammetry. It is therefore suitable for those in the electroplating industry who want to analyze, e.g., metal ions besides organic additives in plating baths. The compact CVS systems’ appeal lies in their straightforward operation.

شاخصه های کلیدی


CVS and voltammetric trace analysis combined in a single system


Adaptable design for a system that suits your needs


Easy-to-use thanks to simple, transparent software with fixed method structures


Perfect match for small and medium-sized labs performing routine analyses


Two in one: CVS and trace analysis

The 797 VA Computrace enables voltammetric trace analyses as well as determinations of organic additives by cyclic voltammetric stripping with the same instrument.


Adapt your CVS to application requirements

There is a range of predefined systems that vary in their degree of automation: the Metrohm VA (or MVA for short) systems. MVA systems are available for manual operation, as semiautomated systems with Dosinos or with Dosinos and additional pumps, and as fully automated systems. But you’re not stuck with the system you choose: you can upgrade your system to a higher automation level at any time by simply adding the necessary modules.


Transparent software

The software accompanying the 797 VA Computrace is particularly easy to use thanks to its clearly laid out user interface. Being oriented on Windows operating principles, intuitive handling is guaranteed.


Simple operation thanks to fixed method structures

Fixed method structures in the 797 VA Computrace software make your determinations easy and quick – ideal for routine analyses.

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